SEO Trends in 2016

Seo is continuously changing and what seemed to work some years back does not work now. This is why it is important to always understand the new upcoming trends to stay ahead. The search engine optimisation expert london are now looking beyond ranking websites, and they are now moving towards ranking social media post. This is also evident in the kind of web content that is now being produced. In 2016, you expect to see more quality quantity, video illustrations, audio and other features.

What to expect in 2016

Social media post rankingtrends

In the past years, seo was all about ranking web content. This is something that is changing in 2016 and seo experts are looking beyond ranking websites. People now realize social media ranking is just as important as web ranking.

Seo experts are now striving at producing Facebook and Twitter post that rank higher in the search engine. This is due to the growth of social media as an important tool in online marketing.

More videos

The traditional seo experts were concerned about the use of images in web content, but this is now changing. They are now looking for something that web visitors can relate with easily apart from the traditional images that we know.

In 2016, you expect to see more video illustrations in web content. Experts are now going a step higher to come up with a video search tool. The essence of this is to make the content more real and relatable to the audience.

Emphasis on local seo

To gain successful ground in your business, the importance of local seo can never be emphasized. Clients want to know where you are located, and this is very important for them.

This is why you have to make sure that anytime web visitors go to the search engine, they automatically know where your business is located.

Mobile google seocompatibility

With the growth of smartphones, the issue of having a mobile friendly website is important to any website owner. According to research, only a small percentage of people in 2016 are using a personal computer to browse the internet. People are now moving to smartphones, and your website should allow them to use the website without trouble.

Audio search and content

People with a disability such as the blind still need to access your content in 2016. Seo experts are now looking for a way to create a platform for such people, and this is why the rise of audio search and content is important. This is important to stay ahead of others.

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