Why have a Boss When You Can Have None

Many career opportunities may have gone to waste when you don’t seem to work well with your boss. Either, you and your boss are like poles that do not attract because of different personal convictions, work ethics, or you just don’t want to have a boss. Worry not. In this age of the internet, there are endless possibilities that you can take. Not only to fill your tummy but to fill your wallet with money.

Having a boss can really be suppressive to a well-driven person like you. Chances are, you will become unhappy and unproductive in your workplace if you stick it out with your present work. As long as you have the discipline, determination, creativity, expertise, and the know-how, the following can give you the same if not more financial success without having to bear the burden of having a boss.

vloggerBe a Dynamic Vlogger or a You Tuber

There are many success stories of vloggers or you tubers who became millionaires by publishing videos in their channels in You Tube. To become a vlogger or you tuber, you must create your own channel. By posting videos, you can have your first earnings from U Tube when you hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. By making more videos, you earn more through this method.

Other ways to make money out of your videos are from advertisers. You will not be hard up to lure them if you have increased your viewership and subscriptions. And if you are resourceful enough, you can add on products to sell to your viewers and subscribers using your channel.

Be a Crafty Importer and Exporter

If you cannot be a producer, be an importer or an exporter. Make sure the products that you import are of quality even if they are not famous brands. The advantage of importing products that are not well known is that people don’t have any idea on how much is their price in their place of origin so you can command a higher profit. You can also do likewise by exporting goods to your supplier of imported products that originate from your location. You will then double your gain.

money, manPut up Your Own SEM Company

You can choose to have a business on providing SEM campaign management services if you have gone through extensive practical experience on search engine marketing or its subsidiary, SEO or search engine optimization or be you can have a company that hires SEO experts that can help you with your website to be more visible online. In either way, you are sure to increase your profits.

Be a Wise Stock Investor

Investing in the stock market may be risky especially to a beginner. You should know the risks. Know all the rules to identify the best stocks and to manage potential risks. Understanding trends will let you know when the best time to buy stock and when to sell them. It may take time and effort to master your skills in investing in stocks but has a been life changing experience to many.

There are other more ways where you can be your own boss. Just make sure that you commit yourself to something that interests you. You will go places, for sure.

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